At RiverTree, we believe that students are a valuable and vital part of our church. We not only want to provide excellent student programs, but we welcome students into the very heart of our church; we listen to their ideas, we follow their lead, we notice their gifts, and invite them to share them with the whole church family.

Students “UNpacking” – RiverTree’s Sunday morning Student Ministry

On Sundays, our students join us for service to create a wonderful family atmosphere.  We have a crafted sheet for older students to help them follow along with the ‘big idea’ of that week’s sermon, along with a take home sheet for the whole family to go over. After service, while we are packing our equipment up, our students break off into two classrooms for 20 minutes of Bible lessons and questions, We call this Students UNpacking!

Students UNplugged – Tuesday evenings

We know that adolescence can be confusing, frustrating, and wonderful all at the same time. So we want to provide a safe and loving space for our Middle School and High School aged students. This group reads the Bible together, discusses life, and hosts fun events. For more information email us at