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February 2022

Peter gets an Ear Full

This week, we take a look at Jesus’ last healing before he goes to the cross. We look at what it means that Jesus chose to have his last miracle be healing an enemy and fixing a mistake of Peter. What does this show us about divine forgiveness? Our main passage this week is: Luke 22:47-51. (Sorry about the poor quality, the audio recording did not work so this is ripped from a video recording).

Season of Witness: Can I Even Do This?

This week, we wrap up our series on being missional by looking at an example of a time when the disciples failed. They were told to cast out demons and they couldn’t do it. We will look at Jesus’ reaction to this and what that means for us today. Our main passage is Mark 9:14-18.

December 2021

Tales from the Manger: The Angels: What Glad Tidings!

On the second Sunday of Advent, we examine just what the first Christmas meant for the angels. First, we explore a little bit about what exactly angels are. Then we examine just why the first Christmas was such a joyous event for them and why it should continue to be joyous for us today. This week’s passage is: Luke 2:8-14.

November 2021

Tales from the Manger: Mary—There is No Turning Back Now

On the first Sunday of Advent, we examine just what the first Christmas meant for Mary. We look at how the birth of Jesus changed her life drastically. Then we explore how much faith and love it took for Mary to follow along with God’s plan. Today’s passage is: Luke 1:28-55.

Thanksgiving: A time of reflection, thankfulness, and making us whole

This Thanksgiving week, we reflect on celebrations of thankfulness from the Old Testament. This helps us see how our modern Thanksgiving is part of a long tradition of setting aside a day for reflection, feasting, and thankfulness. Lastly, we explore how the actual act of being intentionally thankful can have tangible benefits for us. This week’s passage is Esther 8:20-23.

October 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: Handing off that Golden Baton of Love

This week, we continue our journey though the Gospel of Matthew. We examine the well-known Golden Rule verse within the larger context of the sermon on the mount. We talk about some ways we can prepare to go out and treat others the way we would like to be treated. Our main passage this week is Matthew 7:7-12.

Gospel of Matthew: ‘You don’t know who I am! I do what I want!’

This week we continue our journey through the Gospel of Matthew by examining what Jesus says about judging. We often think of judging simply as ‘that person should not have done that!’ But what about the first impressions we form about people? How are we judging people every day and not even realizing it! We look at some examples of how we judge and what we can do to combat our tendency to judge. The main text for this week is: Matthew 7:1-6.

The Gospel of Matthew: Doomed to be Near-sighted?

This week, we continue our journey though the Gospel of Matthew. We look at how Jesus says we should fast. Then we take a step back and look at everything Jesus has said thus far in the sermon on the mount, looking at the common theme of trust and faith verses our desires for the right now. Our main passage this week is Matthew 6:16-24.

September 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: Practices and Prayers

We continue our journey through Matthew by looking at what Jesus has to say about righteousness and prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is a passage many people know, but what is Jesus trying to relate to us through it? We break down each petition in the prayer and talk about what they mean for us in our prayer lives today. Our passage this week is: Matthew 6:5-15.

The Gospel of Matthew: Giving and Righteousness

We resume our journey through Matthew together, by jumping back into the Sermon on the Mount. Today, we examine what Jesus says about righteousness and giving. We examine the idea of intent as related to giving and explore how our giving should be reflective of the amazing gift God gave us. This week’s passage is: Matthew 6:1-4.