June 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

This week, we continue our journey though the Gospel of Matthew. We look at Jesus’ reflection on the Law and on righteousness. We examine the idea that thought things will always change the call or the mission of God remains the same. Our  passage this week is Matthew 5:17-20.

April 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: The Devil Within

This week, we continue our journey though the Gospel of Matthew. We look at Jesus’ time in the wilderness. The devil plays a key role in this passage. So we are going to examine what we can learn about the devil from this story and how we can use that to help us. Our main […]

The Gospel of Matthew: Remember the Stones

This week, we dive back into the Gospel of Matthew. We examine the teachings of Jesus’ cousin: John the Baptist. How is John preparing the way for Jesus? What is it in John’s message that is laying the groundwork for Jesus’ coming message. Our main passage this week is Matthew 3:1-12

March 2021

Letting Go: Popularity

This Palm Sunday we talk about popularity. We will examine how Jesus reacted to his own popularity among the people, seen when he entered Jerusalem in the last week of his life. What can we learn from Jesus’ example, as we try to let go of the supreme importance of being liked? Our main passage […]

Letting Go: Our Lives

In this fourth week of Lent, we discuss how we understand our lives. We so often overlook the reality that our lives on earth are a blip on the cosmic scale that will be our eternal life. So how do we balance the importance of the events, people, and emotions of our lives here with […]

Letting Go: Superiority

We enter the third week of Lent talking about our own sense of superiority. So often we draw lines of self-importance around ourselves in attempts to separate ourselves. We explore the idea that these lines actually hinder our efforts to fulfill the gospel. Our passages this week are John 4:5-41 and Mark 2:13-17.

Letting Go: Expectations

We enter the second week of Lent talking about expectations. Expectations can not only lead to trouble (both with God and with each other), but they are also so easy to form and so hard to overcome. But they are something we would be much better off letting go. Our passage this week is John […]

February 2021

Letting Go: Control

This week, we kick off Lent by starting a series examining some things of which we might be better off letting go. The first thing we examine is why we struggle so much with letting go of control. Our passages this week are Genesis 3:1-5 and Luke 4:1-13.

All About Love!

This week, we look at the classic description of love found in I Corinthians 13:4-8. But we examine it through the relationship between Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. These two women give us tangible examples of just what this kind of love can look like.

January 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: The Full Story of Grace

This week, we continue our series walking through the gospel of Matthew by examining how Joseph felt and reacted to Mary’s pregnancy. We examine how sometimes what is just or right might not be the ‘right’ thing to do. We explore why we should keep grace at the forefront of our hearts. The passage for […]