July 2020

‘P’summer of Psalms—Psalm 1: Who Are We Going to Follow?

This week, we kick off our ‘P’summer of Psalms by briefly talking about the book of Psalms as a whole. Then we dive into Psalm 1. There we see just how impactfully it acts as an intro to the entire book. We explore the question the poet asks us: ‘who are we going to take […]

There is Hope in the Words

This week Jesse shares from his favorite passage. We examine Exodus 3:11-14 looking for hope. We explore the notion that the very name and hope of God is never far from us. Even in the very words we say!

June 2020

Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Zechariah

This week, we continue our series on how the minor prophets spoke of social justice and oppression by examining Zechariah 7:8-14. We see just how concerned God is for issues of Justice and oppression. We also explore the dangers of what can happen when our hearts become hard to the things that God’s heart breaks […]

Examining the Song of Plagues (Psalm 91), Part 2

Psalm 91 is associated with times of trouble and heartache. So in the current tine of heartache and trouble we one again turn to this scripture for meaning. This week, we examine the second part of the psalm. We discuss interpretations of the big statements about divine protection found in the psalm. We close with […]

Examining the Song of Plagues (Psalm 91), Part 1

Psalm 91 is associated with times of trouble and heartache. So in the current time of heartache and trouble we once again turn to this scripture for meaning. This week, we examine the first few verses of the psalm. There we see just what it means to have the peace that comes from being under […]

May 2020

Guided Meditative Prayer Walk

Join us for a time of reflection and prayer. We are all feeling a little screen tired so instead of watching an online sermon, this morning I want us to go outside and spend some time with God. In this guide, I will lead you through some of the psalms and encourage you to use […]

Jesse’ Intro to ‘The Martian’

As part of our ‘Theater and Theology’ series, we will be talking about the movie The Martian. Instead, of a commentary, here are some of my introductory reflections on a few of the film’s themes.    Four of the main themes I saw running through the movie were: 1) Redemption 2) The coming together of […]

Theology & Theater – Frozen II

Our ‘Theology and Theater’ movie for this week is Frozen II. We discuss just what it looks like to do the ‘next right thing’ as Christians; and how sometimes not knowing God’s full plan for us can actually be a good thing. We examine Psalm 119:82-87, 105 to see how taking things a single step […]

April 2020

Theater & Theology Movie Commentary – Frozen II

Here is our audio commentary for the third movie in our Theology & Theater series: Frozen II. For more information on the series or RiverTree as a whole, please see our website: https://www.rivertreecc.org/

Theology & Theater – X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the second week of our Theology & Theater series, we examine the movie X-men: Days of Future Past. We look at this movie through the lens of justice vs grace. Mystique is faced with a choice where the consequences spiral out far wider than she knows. We too are often faced with choices daily. […]