May 2022

The Gospel of Matthew: Just Keep Swimming

This week, we continue on our journey though the Gospel of Matthew. In this passage, Jesus calms the stormy and violent seas. How do we react when things are difficult? Do we panic or do we keep going? How does our faith in Jesus dictate how we should react? Our main passage this week is […]

March 2022

Seven Sayings of the Cross: Forgiveness is Divine

This week, we kick off our Lent series, by examining Jesus’ first saying from the cross. We look at the connection between forgiveness and prayer. What does it mean that Jesus is praying for our forgiveness? Our main passage this week is: Luke 23:34.

December 2021

Tales from the Manger: The Angels: What Glad Tidings!

On the second Sunday of Advent, we examine just what the first Christmas meant for the angels. First, we explore a little bit about what exactly angels are. Then we examine just why the first Christmas was such a joyous event for them and why it should continue to be joyous for us today. This […]