February 2024

Worship Discussion Group Number 2

Check out our second discussion group over different aspects of worship.

“Called to Community”

This week, Anna talks to us about the importance of community. We examine the trinity through the lens of community and how that gives us a model for how God wants us to live. As well as looking at other examples of community present in the Bible. Our main passage today is: Acts: 2:24-47.

January 2024

Devotional Discussion on Worship Words

Here is an audio recording of our recent worship discussion on the importance of words in worship.

Relying on God….be like an apple tree

It is too cold to host an indoor service today. So, stay inside, stay warm, and listen to this brief devotional about relying on God.

November 2023

Worship Journey: Why do we worship?

This week, we reached the halfway point of our two seek Worship Journey.  In today’s message, we will explore the question “Why do we worship?” We will look at God’s plan for humanity from the beginning. How sin altered that plan. But how God’s perfect love brought things back to that perfect plan.

July 2023

Meditative Prayer Walk

There is no service this week for the long holiday weekend. Instead, we have a meditative prayer walk for you. Set aside about 30 minutes, get outside, and be with God in nature. Use this podcast to guide your time and focus your heart on God. Have a wonderful week!

June 2023

Halfway to Christmas

Despite it being 90 degrees out, we are celebrating Christmas this week. Christmas is a time when we think about and celebrate Christ coming to earth to live among us and to die for us. That is something we should celebrate all year! So join us in reflecting on the Incarnation of Jesus.

April 2023

Easter 2023: Come to the Table

He is Risen! This Easter, we look at Jesus’ resurrection through an Old Testament lens. The Empty tomb is strikingly similar to the Mercy Seat described in the Book of Exodus. That is no mere coincidence. Jesus’ death and resurrection acts as the ultimate fulfillment of the Mercy Seat and its atonement.

January 2023

2023 kickoff!!

This week we kick off 2023 by first reflecting on some of the opportunities RTCC had last year. Then we look head to what is coming up this year and try to come up with some church goals for this new year! Our main passage this week is John 15:12-17.

November 2022

I Lift My Eyes…

This week is our Expectant Hope service. This short devotional addresses the notion of what do we go when we don’t want to praise God? How can we praise God when we are angry, sad, or afraid? Today we look at one of the most powerful psalms ever written (In my humble opinion). We will […]