April 2023

Easter 2023: Come to the Table

He is Risen! This Easter, we look at Jesus’ resurrection through an Old Testament lens. The Empty tomb is strikingly similar to the Mercy Seat described in the Book of Exodus. That is no mere coincidence. Jesus’ death and resurrection acts as the ultimate fulfillment of the Mercy Seat and its atonement.

January 2023

2023 kickoff!!

This week we kick off 2023 by first reflecting on some of the opportunities RTCC had last year. Then we look head to what is coming up this year and try to come up with some church goals for this new year! Our main passage this week is John 15:12-17.

November 2022

I Lift My Eyes…

This week is our Expectant Hope service. This short devotional addresses the notion of what do we go when we don’t want to praise God? How can we praise God when we are angry, sad, or afraid? Today we look at one of the most powerful psalms ever written (In my humble opinion). We will […]

October 2022

The Legend of Greedy Hollow

This week we take a break from Matthew, for a short devotional about greed. In the classic story the Legend of Sleep Hollow, we are introduced to three characters who all suffer with some kind of greed. We talk about how greed can consume us and will always lead to a something bad in the […]

July 2022

A Selfish Child, a Manipulative Child, and a Loving Father

Its Family Sunday at RTCC! This week our Family and Student director, Anna, talks us through the Prodigal Son parable. We look at the idea that the two brothers, in the story, are not that different. They are both using their father to get what they want. Despite this, the father never stops loving them […]

June 2022

Halfway to Christmas—The Incar-what??

Happy Halfway to Christmas! This week we take a look at the Incarnation of Jesus. We see just how important it is to our salvation. Hopefully this message inspires you to think about the birth of Jesus all throughout the year, not just in December.

May 2022

Worshiping Together: The Great Purpose of Human Life is…

This week we finish off our short series Worshiping Together. The service was mostly worshiping through praise music. But Jesse gave this short devotional part way through to challenge us to live our whole lives around glorifying and enjoying God. The passages this week are: I Corinthians 10:31 and Psalm 37:4.

April 2022

Worshiping Together: Just What is Worship?

This week, we kick off a two-week worship journey together! We look at the notion of worship in the Old Testament and compare it to what Jesus said. How do these two things relate? And what does that mean for us today in how we worship? Our main passages this week are: Exodus 20:4-5 and […]

February 2022

Peter gets an Ear Full

This week, we take a look at Jesus’ last healing before he goes to the cross. We look at what it means that Jesus chose to have his last miracle be healing an enemy and fixing a mistake of Peter. What does this show us about divine forgiveness? Our main passage this week is: Luke […]

Season of Witness: Can I Even Do This?

This week, we wrap up our series on being missional by looking at an example of a time when the disciples failed. They were told to cast out demons and they couldn’t do it. We will look at Jesus’ reaction to this and what that means for us today. Our main passage is Mark 9:14-18.