November 2020

Answering Your Questions: “Science and Faith”

This week, we finish up our series examining some of your biggest questions by talking about science and faith. How do they relate? How are they different? We will look to the book of Jonah and Psalm 16:7 for some help.

Answering Your Questions: “Finding Peace in the Midst of Turmoil”

This week we tackle a very common question: “How can I have peace in a world of turmoil?” Paul walks us through what the Bible can tell us in the midst of hardships. We will look at several passages, including: John 14:27 and Romans 5:1.

Answering Your Questions: “Created in Love to have a Thanksgiving Nap”

We continue our series answering the questions you submitted to us. This week is a double header, as we talk about two questions: “What happens when we die—do you go to Jesus directly or do we wait until the second coming?” and “Why did God think to make the universe?”  We will look at several […]

Answering Your Questions: “These are the Days of Our Lives”

We kick off a series answering your questions! This week’s question is: “Is my time on earth preset—can anything I do lengthen or shorted that time?” We examine a few passages including: Psalm 139:15-16, Job 14:1-6, and Isaiah 38:5.