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April 2020

Theology & Theater – X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the second week of our Theology & Theater series, we examine the movie X-men: Days of Future Past. We look at this movie through the lens of justice vs grace. Mystique is faced with a choice where the consequences spiral out far wider than she knows. We too are often faced with choices daily. Therefore, we should seek guidance from the words of Christ in Luke 6:31-37 and seek to “Be Merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”

Audio Commentary for X-men: Days of Future Past

Here is our audio commentary for X-men: Days of Future Past. For this commentary, I watched the theatrical cut of the file (i.e. NOT the Rouge Cut). This is part of our sermon series ‘Theology & Theater.’ Content warning: there is a little nudity (you see Hugh Jackman’s butt) and there are a few swear words.

Theology & Theater – The Lion King (2019)

A Good chunk of us are stuck inside lately. To ward off boredom, some of us are watching more movies than normal. So why not do a sermon series that involves movies! We kick off our new series on Theology and Theater by discussing the 2019 remake of the Lion King. We examine the Character of Scar and discuss how evil wants to get us isolated. Our passage this week is Romans 8:35-39. For more of Jesse’s ramblings on the Lion King check out our audio commentary on the movie!

Lion King (2019) Commentary

This is our commentary for the 2019 remake of the Lion King. It is designed to be used as part of our Sermon series “Theology and Theater.” Visit the RiverTree Community Church website (https://www.rivertreecc.org/) to find the corresponding sermon.   

Easter–Wilderness: A Time of Rebirth

Happy Easter! He is Risen! We celebrate Easter by reflecting on how our wilderness times are temporary and often times of rebirth. All of this is possible because Jesus went through the ultimate time of wilderness!

March 2020

Wilderness: A Time of Comfort

This week we continue our  Journey though the wilderness by looking at how the Wilderness can be a time of comfort. We examine the idea that Jesus (Mark 1), Abraham/Sarah (Gen 18), and Lot’s entire family (Gen 19) were waited on by angels during wilderness times. We close by asking how we can be messengers of God, angels, during this unique wilderness time of today.

Wilderness: A Time of Doubt

In our first week of quarantined virtual church, we aptly continue our Lent series on being in the Wilderness. This week we examine a time Moses fell into doubt and depression (Numbers 11). We use this story to normalize what it means to doubt and identify some helpfully things we can do when we are in seasons of doubt.  

Wilderness: A Time of Learning

On week 2 of Lent, we continue our 40 days in the wilderness with Jesus. De talks about how the wilderness can be a time of learning. She brings this point home by powerfully recounting some of her own wilderness journeys.

Wilderness: A Time of Challenge

This week, we kick off our Lent series exploring just what it means for us to be in the wilderness. Jesus’ own 40-day wilderness exile will be our jumping off point for this series. We open things up by exploring the idea that wilderness times come with their own set of wild beasts. These beasts tempt us and are challenges for us to overcome. Thus, wilderness times are often times of challenge.

February 2020

“Protecting the Community or Being Selfish?”

This week we close out our series on ‘Rigid Love’ by examining the books of ii and iii John. That’s right, 2 entire books! (Don’t worry its under 30 verses total). We look at each as an example of how to understand and utilize the outline and teachings we saw in i John. Then we discuss how the Community of Love is worth protecting and how the intent of an action is just as (if not more) important than the action itself.