March 2023

Tales from the Cross: Mary the mother of Jesus

This week, we continue our Lent series ‘Tales from the Cross. This week, we take the perspective of one of Jesus’ mother—Mary. We examine how the death of her son impacted her and her faith.

February 2023

The Gospel of Matthew: I Caught a Boot!

This week, we continue our journey through the Gospel of Matthew.  In today’s text, Jesus tells a parable about something that would have been near and dear to the disciples…fishing. We look at fishing practices of the time and how they can be a wonderful window into how we share the gospel. Our main passage […]

December 2022

Advent 2022: Seizing Wonder

This week, we continue our Advent series in which we examine the Grinch. Before the Grinch can dump all his stolen Christmas goods off the mountain, he has a change of heart. The song of the Whos makes him change his mind, he is filled with Christmas joy. Anna talks about another group that were […]

October 2022

The Gospel of Matthew: Time to Get Yoked!

This week, we continue our journey through the Gospel of Matthew. Anna explores what Jesus means when he says that his Yoke is light. We talk about how this is an invitation to allow Jesus to come along side of us and carry our burdens for us. Jesus wants to do that work that we […]

July 2022

A Selfish Child, a Manipulative Child, and a Loving Father

Its Family Sunday at RTCC! This week our Family and Student director, Anna, talks us through the Prodigal Son parable. We look at the idea that the two brothers, in the story, are not that different. They are both using their father to get what they want. Despite this, the father never stops loving them […]