April 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: In You, I am Pleased

=This week, we continue our journey though the Gospel of Matthew, by looking at Jesus’ baptism. We examine the power of words and how much they can change our lives. Our main passage this week is Matthew 3:13-17.

January 2021

The Gospel of Matthew: Expectations Begin

This week, we continue our series walking through the gospel of Matthew by looking The Magi’s visit to Jesus. We talk about what goes into expectations. The passage for this message is Matthew 2:1-12.

September 2020

Faith at Home—“So What’s a Household?”

We kick off our new series by examining just what is a household. We look at what Joshua meant when he said, ‘as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD’ (Josh 24:15).  Lastly, we see just how important households are in God’s grand story.

July 2020

[DEVOTIONAL] Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Amos

This week, Chris examines the words of the prophet Amos. We compare the situations of the Kingdom of Judah and our situation today in 2020.

January 2020

“How Can We Know?”

This week we continue on our journey through I john by asking the question ‘how can we know?’ This ultimately leads us to realize that our love for one another has to be more than simple words. We have to love through actions and in truth if we are ever to be a community of […]

December 2019

“The Greatest Story”

We kick off the third week of Advent by reflecting on Isaiah 53. We discuss how it is a forerunner to the Greatest Story, the story of Jesus.