February 2020

“Protecting the Community or Being Selfish?”

This week we close out our series on ‘Rigid Love’ by examining the books of ii and iii John. That’s right, 2 entire books! (Don’t worry its under 30 verses total). We look at each as an example of how to understand and utilize the outline and teachings we saw in i John. Then we […]

“A Pastors’ Round-table Discussion of I John 5”

This week Jesse and Chris give a round-table discussion of I John Chapter 5. We hit on points such as ‘breaking away from the systems of the world’ and ‘the burden of following the commands of God.’ We bring all this back to the idea of a Community of Love.

“Test the Spirits”

This week, we examine I John 4:1-6. We explore John’s call for us to ‘test spirits to see if they are from God.’ Is it possible that this test is firmly rooted in the idea of Divine Love? We also see how this relates to our desire to fully become a community of love.

January 2020

“How Can We Know?”

This week we continue on our journey through I john by asking the question ‘how can we know?’ This ultimately leads us to realize that our love for one another has to be more than simple words. We have to love through actions and in truth if we are ever to be a community of […]

“There can be no Fear in Love”

This week we kick off 2020 by starting a series on the books of i-iii John. In this opening sermon, we talk about why i John was written. We also discuss what it means for love to replace fear.