November 2020

Commentary for A Flintstones Christmas Carol

Here is our commentary for “A Flintstones Christmas Carol.” This commentary is part of our Sermon series “The Redemption of Scrooge.” Look for the corresponding sermons here on this page. 

May 2020

Jesse’ Intro to ‘The Martian’

As part of our ‘Theater and Theology’ series, we will be talking about the movie The Martian. Instead, of a commentary, here are some of my introductory reflections on a few of the film’s themes.    Four of the main themes I saw running through the movie were: 1) Redemption 2) The coming together of […]

April 2020

Theater & Theology Movie Commentary – Frozen II

Here is our audio commentary for the third movie in our Theology & Theater series: Frozen II. For more information on the series or RiverTree as a whole, please see our website:

Audio Commentary for X-men: Days of Future Past

Here is our audio commentary for X-men: Days of Future Past. For this commentary, I watched the theatrical cut of the file (i.e. NOT the Rouge Cut). This is part of our sermon series ‘Theology & Theater.’ Content warning: there is a little nudity (you see Hugh Jackman’s butt) and there are a few swear […]

Lion King (2019) Commentary

This is our commentary for the 2019 remake of the Lion King. It is designed to be used as part of our Sermon series “Theology and Theater.” Visit the RiverTree Community Church website ( to find the corresponding sermon.