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August 2020

‘P’summer of Psalms—Psalm 120: Letting God Take Control

This week, we examine the first of the Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 120. We discuss how that, if let on our own, we would just about always make things worse for ourselves. But, if we can continually choose to surrender our sinful nature to God, then we will be well on our way toward our own ascent toward salvation!

‘P’summer of Psalms—Psalm 118: Hope in our Darkest Moments

We continue our ‘P’summer of Psalms series by diving into Psalm 118. This Psalm holds a special place in both Jewish and Christian thought. It is easy to see why! We walk through the psalm pondering what it might have meant for Jesus, as he sang it on the very night be was betrayed.

‘P’summer of Psalms—Psalm 22: Can we be Angry with God?

This week, we continue our ‘p’summer of psalms by looking at Psalm 22. There, we examine the idea of lament. Can we lament against God? Why do we often want to lament to God? We close by showing that Jesus, in his last moments, gave us an example of what lament looks like.

July 2020

‘P’summer of Psalms—Psalm 1: Who Are We Going to Follow?

This week, we kick off our ‘P’summer of Psalms by briefly talking about the book of Psalms as a whole. Then we dive into Psalm 1. There we see just how impactfully it acts as an intro to the entire book. We explore the question the poet asks us: ‘who are we going to take advice from?’

There is Hope in the Words

This week Jesse shares from his favorite passage. We examine Exodus 3:11-14 looking for hope. We explore the notion that the very name and hope of God is never far from us. Even in the very words we say!

Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Micah

Kathy finishes out our series by examining the words of the prophet Micah. We explore what justice seems to be in our culture today and what God seems to say justice is. Finally, we discuss the idea that our actions are part of Gods plan and so we cannot let our own desires overshadow the voice of God in our lives.

[DEVOTIONAL] Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Amos

This week, Chris examines the words of the prophet Amos. We compare the situations of the Kingdom of Judah and our situation today in 2020.

June 2020

Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Zechariah

This week, we continue our series on how the minor prophets spoke of social justice and oppression by examining Zechariah 7:8-14. We see just how concerned God is for issues of Justice and oppression. We also explore the dangers of what can happen when our hearts become hard to the things that God’s heart breaks over.

Social Justice and Oppression Through the Eyes of the Minor Prophets: Habakkuk

Cris kicks off our series on how the Minor Prophets spoke of Social Justice and oppression by exploring Habakkuk. We see how prayer is key when we are not sure what to do. We also examine the wresting match Habakkuk has with God over oppression and justice.

Examining the Song of Plagues (Psalm 91), Part 2

Psalm 91 is associated with times of trouble and heartache. So in the current tine of heartache and trouble we one again turn to this scripture for meaning. This week, we examine the second part of the psalm. We discuss interpretations of the big statements about divine protection found in the psalm. We close with the notion when we face trouble or evil, we will not face it alone. The promises of God and the blood of Christ will go with us whatever comes against us.